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The goal of Ministry Web Directory is to provide information, challenge and pathways for people to enter the missions enterprise from a career.


Ministry Web Directory attempts to provide accurate and up to date information. However, it is impossible to guarantee complete and absolute reliability. Ministry Web Directory is open to comments and suggestions to make the information portion of our web and conference services as complete and accurate as possible.


The challenge offered is in the spirit of: let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works (Heb 10:24). Ministry Web Directory operates in the evangelical tradition of the partner organizations. Ministry Web Directory holds to the Statement of Faith of the NAE.


Ministry Web Directory aims to stand in the gap between faith-based ministry organizations and people who are willing to serve the Lord in the vision and goals of those ministry organizations. The goal of Ministry Web Directory is to bring you to the front door of competent faith-based organizations. However, as a practical matter, once that introduction is achieved, Ministry Web Directory cannot guarantee that users and ministries will not continue to correspond with each other apart from the offices of Ministry Web Directory. Thus, Ministry Web Directory can offer no guarantees, express or implied. Ministry Web Directory assumes no liability for damages real or imagined, direct or indirect, as a result of making the introductions.


You are under no obligation to Ministry Web Directory to pay for this service or donate money. Further you are under no obligation to join or donate to a partner organization. Should you decide to take advantage of the web-based services of Ministry Web Directory, offered at no cost to you, you are under an implied obligation to supply information that is to the best of your knowledge accurate. This will assure that the material and time resources of Ministry Web Directory and partner organizations are well spent. Ultimately your real obligation is solely to the Lord as determined between you and Him.


Certain personal information is provided by you, the user. It is intended to be used solely by the ministry as a preliminary tool to establish a potential fit between services offered by you and services needed by that ministry organization. Personnel information offered by users does not constitute an application for employment. Partner organizations are obligated to handle personnel information in a confidential manner as per the human resource policies of their organizations in compliance with all personnel laws. A partner organization is NOT obligated to offer you a position of service with them. Any arrangements of service and compensation, if any, is a matter strictly between you and a partner organization as dictated by their policies or individually negotiated. The obligations of partner organizations are to the laws of the land and also to the Lord.

It is a strict violation of the terms of ministry partnership to use any contacts from the Ministry Web Directory website for the purposes of fund raising.


Ministry Web Directory stands to serve users and ministry organizations alike. As with any customer-provider relationship the level of integrity and service influence the outcome. The goal is to provide a safe, private and comfortable place to explore ministry options for your adult years. While we try to do our best, we can make no guarantees that successful connection will be made between a user and a faith-based ministry or service organization. Further, at the sole discretion of Ministry Web Directory, we reserve the right to terminate the service to users and partner agencies for mis-use of this openhanded service, as determined solely by Ministry Web Directory.

If a user or ministry wishes to terminate use of the services offered by Ministry Web Directory, we commit to terminate that service by deleting their personal or organization information from our electronic databases. However, as a practical matter, once introductions are made, Ministry Web Directory cannot guarantee that users and ministries will not continue to correspond with each other apart from the offices of Ministry Web Directory. Happily, in our experience, most of those that have requested termination of services, do so because they have moved on to serve with a ministry organization.


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